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Manicure & pedicure salon services are beauty treatments that focus on grooming the nails and skin of the hands and feet.



A gel polish manicure is a manicure that uses a soft gel in the form of polish. The gel polish acts as an overlay on the nail that lasts for at least two weeks (but often as long as four weeks). The result is high shine nails with no chipping, peeling, or cracking.



a procedure that consists in applying the material to the regrown part of the nail near the cuticle, in changing the finish of the nail to maintain the tightness, strength and beautiful appearance of the nails.


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A manicure is a beauty treatment of the hands. Your nails will be cut, filed, and shaped. You will then have your cuticles pushed back and tidied, and then enjoy a hand massage. The final step will be the painting of the nails with a colour of your choice.

Starting From AED 249


Facial massages are treatments you can do with a practitioner or on your own. The technique involves stimulating pressure points on the face, neck, and shoulders. You can use lotions, oils, or cleansing balms with facial massages, as well as a face roller or a flat gua sha tool.

Starting From AED 299


Getting gel nail extensions is a process that involves hard gel built on a natural nail and cured with UV light. Then, the manicurist uses a nail form, which is a sticker that goes under the free edge (the tip) of the nail, to extend the length of the nail.

Starting From AED 250


Cosmetic procedures are performed to reshape structures of the body and to alter a person’s appearance. Like any form of surgery, cosmetic procedures need a medical practitioner trained in the procedure, including appropriate recovery time, healing and proper care.

Starting From AED 200
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